Our Values

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Our Values

Green Reserve

Fisher Manufacturing is located in the heart of the agriculture-rich, Central Valley of California. The facility is housed on 2.5 acres. One acre of this property has been permanently set aside as a nature area allowing grass, trees, and plants to grow, permitting rainwater to percolate back into the land and runoff recharging the local aquifer. Learn more about Fisher's sustainable efforts here.

Reduced Waste

During the machining process of our brass components, no cutting oils are used to cool or lubricate parts and tools. Fisher's method eliminates the need to dispose of environmentally unfriendly chemicals, which can be harmful to the earth


Brass - Fisher uses over 200,000 lbs. of brass annually in the production of our products. Virtually all of this material comes from recycled brass in the form of ingots, castings, and finish component parts. Using recycled stock eliminates the need to mine virgin copper, zinc and other elements preserving precious natural resources.

Testing Water - Every single faucet Fisher manufactures is water-tested with recycled water using re-circulating pumps. This process reduces the demand for water and sewer services from the local system and conserves water reserves.

Energy Conservation

Ultra Spray(TM) Pre-Rinse Spray Valve - An early leader in the conservation of natural resources, Fisher Manufacturing developed the Ultra Spray(TM) Pre-Rinse Valve in 1985. While federal law now mandates a maximum 1.6 GPM requirement, Fisher brought this 1.15 GPM energy–saving valve to the industry over 20 years ago reducing water, heat and sewage usage.

Low flow aerators - To further reduce water consumption, Fisher also installs Low Flow Aerators on each manufactured faucet used for handwashing.


Since 2004, Fisher Manufacturing has donated over $250,000 of products and excess inventory to 'The Storehouse.' Additionally, Fisher has provided binders, folders, and other needed school materials to the students in our local Tulare Unified School District. Learn more about Fisher's sponsorship initiatives here.